“Silence remains silent but the light is listening” JeanLoup Sieff

Martin Pociecha /The Solace/ - born in Poland in 1973, after completion of state College of Fine Arts, the faculty of artistic photography in Poland, commenced the studies at Academy of Fine Arts and Photography. 
Now from many years, living and working as professional graphic and web designer also visual artist and photographer on North/West Coast of Ireland enchanted by a landscape, friendliness of people and gentle shades which the light of the mornings takes out of the darkness. Here, in the land of legends, country hidden from the world under a shroud of clouds and rain, Martin has found the sun and inspiration to work even more creatively.

Professional offer:

Print Design

  • colour management
  • pre-press
  • desktop publishing


Graphic Design

  • flyer, poster, brochure etc.
  • magazines, newspapers print layouts
  • digital publishing
  • tablet and web magazines, news papers
  • web page designs
  • photo and coffee table books design and layout

Commercial Photography

  • corporation photos
  • product and sale photos
  • on-line sale photos
  • advertising photos
  • photo restoration and manipulation

I am so sorry don't ask me for wedding and family occasion photo services, I don't do it.

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